Create a Proposal That Gets Noticed For Only

When I first decided to write a book proposal, it felt overwhelming-and I avoided it for a long time because it felt so daunting.

Now that I’m on the other side of things- I wrote the proposal, got the book contract, and became a published author- I want to make the process easier for you than it was for me.

What I needed back then was someone to walk me through each section, step by step, with real-life examples that were successful in getting the attention of a publisher.

In Book Proposal Pro, I use my own book proposal as an example to lead you through each segment of a book proposal. Step by step, I teach you not only what to include, but how to write it in a way that gets noticed and produces results.

In Book Proposal Pro you’ll get:

  • 6 modules with videos that allow you to go at your own pace, all delivered at time of purchase
  • Word-for-Word examples from segments of my book proposal for Detoured
  • Email access to me as you work your way through the course, should you have questions about your own proposal
  • My book proposal in a usable template- all you’ll need to do is delete my words and type in your own!

I’m so excited to offer you this course- but even more than that- I’m excited for you to finally get the information you need to make your dream of getting a book published a reality!

Let’s do this- the time is now!

Questions? We want to hear from you!