A Course To Take You From Dreamer to Author For Only

Over and over I get asked the same question: How did I write a book with little kids at home? When I wrote Detoured, my boys were 5 and 3- I didn’t have a lot of free time, but I really believed that my book idea was a good one. I just had to figure out how to go from idea to an actual book- and most days, it felt as impossible as drinking my coffee while it was hot.

You’re low on time, but full of inspiration, and you’re ready to learn it all- in bite size, mom life-manageable chunks.

I get it, because I’ve been there.

In From Mom to Author, I teach you ALL THE THINGS I learned over the 2 years it took to acquire an agent and land a contract. In those 24 months, I researched endlessly, attended conferences, and joined subscription writers groups.

It was a huge sacrifice for my family, and two years of hard (and discouraging) work.

I don’t want that for you- which is why I’m offering it to you all in one spot- to save you time and give you the short cuts I didn’t have.

The From Mom to Author Course is comprised of 4 short modules, each with me as your guide. We’ll go step by step- from how to find time to write to building a platform from scratch, and along the way I’ll be there to answer your questions.

In From Mom to Author, you’ll learn:

  • How to overcome the challenges every mom faces when writing a book
  • The 4 questions every writer must ask before taking any book past the concept stage
  • What query letters and book proposals should include- and how to avoid overwhelm as a result
  • All about Literary Agents: how to find one, how to sign with one, and why you need one

You’ll get:

  • 4 Modules with videos that allow you to go at your own pace, all delivered at time of purchase
  • Printable PDFs to help you find time to write during your busy mom-life, identify your reader, build your platform, and rank your top literary agent choices

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started, together (after you get that snack your kiddo just asked for, of course)!

Questions? We want to hear from you!